Webcam Bingo: play online bingo and meet people!

Finally a new bingo game is launched in the UK! From now on, the old fashioned way of playing online Bingo is history because this is promising to be the most fun bingo experience in the world today! This new game, powered by Bingocams, allows people to play the game using their webcam allowing them to meet other people via video chat making new friends! We have decided to build a really cool fan page about bingocams because we think it's the coolest bingo website ever!

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This way of playing bingo, using  your webcam, is in no way comparable to all the other websites that are currently out there. This is what we call Webcam Bingo 2011 and we think it will revolutionize the way people play the game online! How does it work? Well, it is quite easy actually. This brand new experience starts by signing in for free a free account at their website.

After logging in, your personal homepage will appear. Here, you can make payments, take a look at the rules, look at the tutorial video and many more. By clicking at . You will be sent to the Bingorooms. Here you can choose in which room you would like to play. The bingo room overview shows you the price of a card in each room, you can see how many people are playing, where you can find a chat host and it shows the room jackpots.

Of course it is called Webcam Bingo for a reason although it is not required you turn on your webcam, it is better for yourself to do so. If you did and all the numbers on your cards are blocked, your webcam turns on and shows your Live Win Moment to every one in your room. They can celebrate your winning moment with you. Every month, out of all Live Win Moments, Bingocams selects the funniest, most original one. They give away 1x 1000 en 2x 500 cash! The money will be transferred to your account.

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Private chats & conversations

While playing the game, you are able to chat with the people in your room. It is also possible to have a private chat with one of your roomies at the same time. By turning your webcam on, it is even possible having a private conversation! And if you do not like this, just block invitations for private conversations or chats and no one will bother you. If you are having chat conversations youn will be eligible for all kinds of different bonuses. We have already made a lot of friends in the online video chat functionality in Bingocams.

Live Chathosts

Bingocams has live chat host presenting the games via a webcam feed, if you want to play in a room where a chathost is broadcasting look for the chat host icon in the room selector. It really is fun! These webcam hosts are especially trained to create a fun atmosphere and run all kinds of chat games in the rooms. The quality of the sound and video is unbelievable.

What can you win?

Bingocams has a range of different room jackpots and also the allmightie Big Bang Progressive Jackpot. They offer 1000 GBP every month for the most creative Live Win Moment of the month.